Keyholding / Alarm Response

Leisuresec Keyholding & Alarm Response Service can provide a reasonably priced, professional, keyholding and alarm response service; adhering to ‘British Standard 7984 - Key-holding and Response services’.

We can include daily unlocking and locking up as part of your service. Implementing our service One of our Regional Managers will visit your site to meet you and conduct a risk assessment and site survey. We will produce the assignment instructions using this information and identify Security Officers to match your requirements.

Warehouse Owner

Carefully selected Security Guards

Our Security Officers are rigorously screened and trained to carry out your requirements effectively and efficiently.  We recruit locally ensuring Officers know the area well and can respond to your alarms as quickly as possible.

We will give you the option of choosing and interviewing Security Officers from a selection we have identified.  You will also have the ability to decide whether an Officer suits your style of operation, giving you the opportunity to retain or replace them without any disruption to your service.

Securing your keys

Your keys are stored in a key safe at one of our regional offices.  Or for remote areas your keys will be carried by our Mobile Officer in a car safe.

We take every precaution to keep your keys and in turn your property secure.  All your keys will be logged with our control room database.  We will issue each key with a unique serial number that matches the specific lock and site details on our secure database; ensuring there is no way for anyone else to identify which property your key belongs to.  

Responding to calls

When your alarm is activated, our 24 hour control room will contact one of our Mobile Officers.

We use FocalPoint software via our Officer’s mobile phone app to monitor their GPS location, enabling the control room to contact the Officer closest to your premises.  

Our Officer will respond within the timeframe we have agreed with you and carry out a full property check; taking appropriate action depending on circumstances, and following our established procedures.  We will ensure our Officer remains on site until it has been fully secured.

Incident Reports

Incidents are recorded by our Officers on Focal Point, enabling you to access reports instantly, via the secure client portal, without having to wait for us to email details to you.

View our full range of security services and if have any queries, please take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Allocating keyholding duties to an employee may seem like a good idea but it might end up causing you problems. 

  • Is this part of their contract? 
  • Have they received any specific training? 
  • Can you guarantee they are always available?

You could be putting your staff at risk, and in turn opening your company to legal action.