Frequently Asked Questions

 We’ve created a list of key questions about our security guards.  However, if there is something we’ve missed please feel free to ask us using the following email address [email protected]

1. Are they trustworthy and reliable?
Leisuresec’s reputation is based on the service our Security Guards provide; therefore we ensure that only those of the highest integrity with a 100% checkable record make the grade.

Our vetting process, carried out by our team at head office, includes checking the following information:

  • Name, address, date of birth
  • Right to work in the UK
  • 5 year work history & education check
  • Verification of any gaps in work history
  • Character references
  • Financial check

It is standard procedure for all Security Guards to be SIA licensed, criminal record (DBS) checked and carefully screened; checking the identity and work history of all applicants. 

2. Do they have the skills required for the role?
As a minimum, all Leisuresec Security Guards will be trained in first aid, dynamic risk assessment, conflict management and resolution, daily occurrence log entry and report writing. 

To ensure we can address your individual site requirements we work with experienced industry accredited trainers to create a bespoke training programme which fits your security needs.

We ask you to tell us when you’re happy or less than happy with our services so we can improve and strengthen our training modules. We also encourage our security staff to let us know where they need extra training to excel at their jobs.

3. How do Leisuresec make sure guards are smart & presentable?
We know that Leisuresec’s Security Guards tend to be the first and last people seen by our client’s customers and members of the public and that these impressions last.  Therefore we carry out regular site visits to check our guards are maintaining the standards that you expect.

We understand that not everyone wants security guards dressed in the traditional black trousers, shirt and tie, so Leisuresec will provide a uniform based on your requirements.

4. Do they have the right attitude?

Customer satisfaction is essential to Leisuresec.  We will take every step to get the right people for your job. 

By taking a partnership approach from the start, our Contact Managers are able to fully understand your needs and your company culture.  This enables them to identify the right security guards from our pool of potential candidates.  If you would like to have the final say, we can provide you with a short list of guards to choose from.  Alternatively we can manage the process for you.

Once the guards start working, we want to make sure you are 100% happy.  If you have any concerns we will address them quickly, and can replace guards with no fuss. 

5. Are they able to communicate well with our staff and visitors?
Crucial people skills form the basis of all our employee development training.  We select staff with the appropriate skills for each role.

The majority of Leisuresec’s contracts are customer facing, in a variety of environments, which means our operatives must have an approachable, professional and friendly personality as well as security training. 

6. Can they cope with difficult situations?
Operatives are used to managing challenging situations.

We make sure they’ve completed Conflict Management training which helps them to evaluate the facts and determine the appropriate action.

We carry out a risk assessment before the contract begins and use this information, along with other contract details to produce an Assignment Instruction Manual.  The manual contains full operational procedures and processes, and key contact details.  The guard will have easy access to this, as will the Contract Manager and client representative.

7. How will they react in an emergency?
All our Security Guards are trained in emergency drills and will approach each scenario in a methodical, calm way.  Your Contract Manager will confirm emergency procedures with you, and include this as part of the guard’s deployment induction.

A standard procedure for all new contracts is to induct the guards to the site and the client.  This will include any site specific training and all details will be included in the Assignment Instruction Manual.

8. What if our regular guard is unable to work?
As part of the company’s contingency plan extra Security Guards are always available.  When selecting the guards for your site we will either provide you with a short list from which you can select regular and relief guards; or we will make the selection for you and give you their details.

All (regular and relief) guards will undertake the necessary training and deployment induction ensuring they are prepared to step in and work as required.  We want to make sure you know who all your guards are, and they know you and your organisation.

9. What if we aren’t happy with a guard?
Please tell us, contact either your Contract Manager or Leisuresec Head Office.  

We are aware that sometimes clients might not want to make a fuss, or think their concern isn’t that serious; therefore we will undertake to contact you on a regular basis (at a time of your choosing) to discuss our service.  We want to make sure you are completely happy and if we pick up on anything that needs fixing, we’ll endeavour to fix it.  This is especially important with regard to the guards we deploy.

Clients are always given the ability to remove any guards that might not be right for their style of operation.  We will take immediate action to replace operatives without any fuss.

10. How much will your security services cost us?
Get in touch now… we’ll be more than happy to provide a free, no obligation quote

We believe our costs are very reasonable.   We are continuously innovating and developing our services, and work closely with all our clients to provide a bespoke service.  Take a look at some of the feedback from our clients