About Us

Leisuresec is the pre-eminent provider of security solutions.  Over the years we have developed a reputation for high quality services and innovative technologies, enabling us to provide a unique security package for our clients.

Leisuresec is dedicated to the continual development of the security industry, by setting new standards, championing solid legislation and ensuring the safety and well-being of both the public and our workers across all our client businesses.

Setting standards

It is essential that we have complete confidence in our security personnel, and give them 24-hour support to be assured of the service they provide to you.

Leisuresec stands apart from the crowd of manned security companies by investing in and developing technology that enhance our client’s experience’s and supports consistent high standards in the calibre and performance of our workforce.

Careful recruitment & selection
Traditional & online recruitment allows us to access more candidates from your local area, enabling us to select the very best for your business. 

Tailored training programmes
We provide bespoke, site specific training, run by industry accredited trainers.  We’ll work with you to design a programme tailor-made to fit your security needs.

Continuous performance monitoring

  • Performance is monitored against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and activities are tracked in real-time using Focal Point
  • Regular site visits are made by our Quality Compliance Team.
  • Bodycams are available to provide added support and demonstrate performance.
  • Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires (CSQs) are carried out at regular intervals so we can obtain your feedback on our service; enabling continuous improvement and the ability for us to address any concerns before they become problems.

Our promise

Directors, Managers and Stakeholders within Leisuresec promise to:

  • Create and maintain a secure and safe environment for our clients and their assets
  • Continually review how we deliver our service in order to operate at optimum levels
  • Operate fairly, profitably and ethically in all of our dealings with customers and our workforce
  • Listen to our clients  needs and respond to every request within 24 hours
  • Minimise our carbon footprint by using the very best local resources wherever
  • Train, nurture and inspire our workforce to exceed client expectations
  • Operate transparently to show our clients how we achieve our results
  • Apply tried and tested systems to objectively audit our service delivery and where improved systems are available we will incorporate them into our processes
  • Continually research and embrace new technology to improve communication and service delivery
  • Provide our customers with one phone call access to decision makers and to deliver results
  • Treat the trust our customers have placed in us with the respect it deserves and deliver a service to be proud of.