Vacant Property Security

  • Published on: 28 January 2020
  • By: Shannon
Vacant Property Security

Whether you are going on holiday, have moved out of your house or have an empty business premises, you need to consider the security of the property whilst it is unoccupied.   When you go on holiday it is common to ask a neighbour, friends or family to keep an eye on your home, go around and water plants, pick up post and generally make the place look lived in.  When the property is empty and unoccupied it needs the same sort of attention to keep it secure, whether this is done by the owners or a professional security company it is worth considering the steps you can take to improve your security.

Depending on the location there might not be close neighbours who can keep an eye on your property, so updating security systems should be a priority.  Check the basics such as locks on doors and windows and make sure electronic equipment such as alarms and CCTV are serviced regularly.  

Carry out an initial risk assessment to identify hazards and weak spots, and regular inspections to make sure nothing has changed.  Watch out for fire, vandalism, theft and general deterioration of the property.  The weather, especially at this time of year can lead to problems such as frozen or leaking pipes and if you are very unlucky, flood damage.

According to the Occupiers Liability Act the site occupier owes a duty of care to anyone on the premises. This includes trespassers or squatters, so it’s better to deter or prevent anyone unauthorised from being able to gain entry.

Use of a security company can make this process easier for you.  A static guard can remain on the premises or regular patrols can be undertaken.  Signs warning of security and /or CCTV cameras are also useful deterrents.

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