Top 5 reasons for installing CCTV

  • Published on: 4 February 2020
  • By: Shannon
Top 5 reasons for installing CCTV

CCTV can be an effective and useful security measure for homes and businesses.  We’ve looked at how it can help and put together the following five reasons for installing CCTV.

1. Deter crime
CCTV cameras can be very effective in reducing and preventing crime.  Many thieves or vandals look for easy targets and a CCTV camera will put them off.  They can also be useful in loss prevention, keeping track of assets and reduce employee or visitor theft.

2. Reduce insurance premiums
The reduction in crime will lead to less insurance claims and ultimately lower insurance costs.  Often insurance companies will look at the security measures in place and take them into account when calculating premiums.

3. Provide a safe working environment
Employers have a duty to keep staff safe at work and should take all reasonable measures to ensure this.  A safe environment will give staff peace of mind and a sense of security which will result in improvements in productivity.  Staff who feel safe at work will be more motivated and be able to spend their time working rather than worrying or calling in sick.

4. Provide a cost-effective security measure
CCTV can be the most cost-effective security measure.  It is easy to install and maintain and can be used as a stand-alone tool or as part of a complete security package.  Remote monitoring services are available from professional security companies who can then dispatch a response service as necessary rather than having a permanent security guard on site.

5. Provide evidence for the police 
CCTV footage can be used by police to identify intruders and help in prosecutions.