Security and Christmas

  • Published on: 10 December 2022
  • By: Shannon

Christmas is a very busy time of year for the security industry, with increased footfall in retail, entertainment and nightlife establishments, such as shops, bars, restaurants and even hotels with family and friends visiting from across the country. Many cities also host Christmas Markets, that bring large crowds to already busy areas. On the other hand business properties that look empty, can also be targets for criminal activity.

According to reports from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), two specific types of crime increase in December: robbery and personal larceny. These two crimes increase by approximately 20 percent during the last month of the year. However, more violent crimes like murder typically do not increase during this time. This puts a lot of pressure on security operatives during the festive period. There’s long hours, unsocial working conditions, abuse and violence. All of these things have the potential to negatively affect your mental and physical health. As the old saying goes ‘you can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself’. If you are feeling down please talk to somebody about it, we have resources to help.

As a security Operative it is also easy to forget or minimise your personal safety when you aren't working, We also want to provide some tips for personal safety during the festive period:

  1. Keep gifts in a safe space-if gifts can be seen from outside, it can attract opportunists, this also applies to leaving gifts in your car while shopping.

  2. Keep your lights on- while we know energy prices are high at the moment, making sure your house does not look empty while you are out, will be worth it.

  3. Check your security system- Pay close attention to broken window locks and flimsy doors, and get repairs or new installations well in time for Christmas. CCTV and motion detectors are also a good home security investment as they show opportunists that you are serious about home security.

  4. Be safe while shopping- from going as a group, to parking in well-lit areas and keeping your possessions close and secure, do not make yourself vulnerable.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas.