Keep your business safe this Christmas

  • Published on: 17 December 2019
  • By: Paula
Keep your business safe this Christmas

Home burglaries increase over the winter months, with longer nights making it is easier for burglars to operate under the cover of darkness.  The same is true for businesses, so if you close up over the Christmas break make sure your organisation is secure.

Check your alarms are in working order and that CCTV cameras haven’t been damaged, covered or moved by any bad weather. How will snow affect cameras?  Is your CCTV monitored remotely, either by a professional security company or do you have the ability to check it on your mobile phone?  Good signage can help deter any opportunistic thieves, but in the dark they might not be visible, so ensure they are positioned in a well-lit area.

How good is your lighting?  Motion detection lights outside can be an excellent deterrent.  As can making the buildings look occupied, using lights on timers, employing security guards to remain on site or visit several times a day and night to carry out patrols.  Just make sure the patrols don’t take place at the same times every day or thieves will quickly work out when it’s safe for them to visit.

Do you have well established locking up procedures at the end of the day, so you can be sure the buildings are secure?  Who is responsible for this and how often do you review your processes?

What are your alarm response procedures?  Do members of staff have keys and attend the site when the alarm goes off or do you have a professional alarm response company?  If you are using staff members think carefully about their safety and whether they are likely to answer their phones if they’re out celebrating over Christmas and New Year!  It isn’t too expensive to employ a professional and they will provide peace of mind.

Finally, make sure your insurance is up to date and covers everything necessary.  The last think you need to be worrying about if you are burgled is your insurance.

If you would like some extra security, please take a look at our services and get in touch for a free, no obligation, quote.