Home security tips

  • Published on: 15 October 2019
  • By: Shannon
Home security tips

As it is National Home Security Month we thought it was time for some tips on how to keep your home secure.

  1. Check locks on doors and windows; make sure you keep them locked.  And keep track of all your keys.  If you have multiple sets of door keys do you know where they all are?  Have you given copies to friends or family?
  2. Join or start a neighbourhood watch group.
  3. Store valuables out of sight.  Don’t leave things within view of your windows, especially if the window is open!
  4. Keep important documents such as passports, birth certificates etc. somewhere safe (preferably in a safe), and shred other letters with bank details and personal information. 
  5. Install a burglar alarm, and make sure you switch it on when you’re out or going to bed.
  6. Security lights and CCTV can be effective deterrents to opportunistic burglars and CCTV footage is often helpful in identification of thieves.
  7. When you go on holiday try to make your house look lived in; use timers for lights and TV and ask a friend or neighbour to pick up post so it isn’t visible.
  8. Lock up bikes and keep tools tidied away when you’ve finished using them.  Don’t give burglars a handy tool to help them break in!
  9. Change your default passwords on alarm systems, wi-fi, CCTV and any other smart technology, and update them at regular intervals (as you do for email accounts, online banking etc.). 
  10. Beware of distraction burglars.  They can be very clever and will target those more vulnerable.

Check out the National Home Security Month website for more information.